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I know SMMS is a part of initiation taken by TSMDC (Telangana State Minerals Development Corporation) for facilitating sand booking for online from official website https://www.sand.telangana.gov.in/. SSMMS makes sand available at affordable prices to all the concerned stakeholders, plug leakages of revenue, enhance income of government and prevent damages to rivers. Kindly tell me How can I SSMMS - Online Sand Booking in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.


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The Government of Telangana has taken a decision to allow the Sand Mining and Sale activity online. This will enable Telangana Government to make sand available at affordable prices to all the concerned, enhance the income of the government, plug leakages of revenue and prevent damages to rivers, environment and streams.

how to book sand online in telangana

Step are discussed on how to book Sand online in Telangana using www.sand.telangana.gov.in.

First, you have to visit https://www.sand.telangana.gov.in/TSSandPortal/Masters/Home.aspx

Now before login you must have an account on www.sand.telangana.gov.in so you need to register online.

for register yourself you have to click on this link:- https://sand.telangana.gov.in/TSSandPortal/Reports/ CustomerRegistration.aspx

Enter your mobile number and click on send OTP option, and OTP received on your mobile then enter OTP number on portal empty registration empty box.

How to SSMMS

For registration, these details are necessary:-

  • Mobile number with aadhar linked
  • District Name
  • Village 
  • House Number
  • Email Id
  • Mandel name
  • Street name
  • Aadhar number
  • Applicant should18 Year Old
Online Sand Booking in Telangana

After registration, you can visit this website for Online Sand Booking: https://onlinebooking.sand.telangana.gov.in/Masters/Home.aspx

Enter your user name, password and Captcha.

For sand booking, online login will start after 12 pm. if you Log in before 12 pm then you will see this message:- You can Login after 12:00 Noon.

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The Andhra Pradesh government imposed a ban on mining and transportation of sand. Ap Government announced that a new sand policy would be unveiled by July 1. Rural Development and Mines and Geology Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy said, “We are taking steps to end illegal mining and smuggling of sand. Have patience. We will bring in a new policy within 15 days.”

How To Online Sand Booking In Andhra Pradesh Will shared soon. 

The minister, who held a review meeting earlier in the day, said that 20 to 25 per cent of Andhra Pradesh government’s income comes from mining alone and steps are being taken to curb illegal mining and increase the revenue. The government also said, “Those who resort to sand mining violating the directive of the government will be put behind bars, invoking the Preventive Detention Act,”.

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