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I know The Indian Prime Minister has established a system of soil health cards for the welfare of farmers. The program helps farmers know what crops can be planted based on soil based on scientific methods. But I just want to know all the features, benefits, and registration process.

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Soil health card scheme is one of the flagship programmes of Modi Government. This scheme was launched in February 2015 Under the Ministry of Agriculture Cooperation and Farmers’ Welfare (AC&FW), Government of India (GoI). 

Soil health card scheme

Soil health card scheme was launched to help farmers to know their soil health condition as represented by 12 important soil parameters (viz.  Phosphorus, Potassium, pH, Nitrogen, Sulphur, Zinc, Boron, EC, Organic Carbon, Iron, Manganese and Copper) and follow management practices accordingly. 

Soil samples collected from different locations are analyzed in the Soil Testing Labs (STL) as per the norms provided in the scheme’s operational guidelines Under Soil health card scheme. The results are uploaded in the national Soil Health Card portal which is https://soilhealth.dac.gov.in/.

Soil health card scheme benefits

How can a farmer use a Soil health card For their benefits? 

The  Soil health card will contain a report based on the soil nutrient status of a farmer's land.  The card will show instructions on the dosage of different nutrients needed. Further, it will guide the farmer on the fertilizers and their quantities he should apply in the land before farming, and also the soil amendments that he should undertake, so as to realize optimal yields.

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